Wayne C. Allen's "Works in Progress"
I retired in 2013. I'm spending my days with Darbella, travelling. And writing. And Painting.

Wayne C. Allen's "Works in Progress"

Everything in one place -- Wayne's books -- and NEWS about what's up

The Pathless Path

Our blog archive - Zen based transformational living and relating

Learn How to Use Bodywork

Examples and suggestions for letting go of body blockages

What's New

Yes, indeed, I closed my Private Practice, after 31 years, in June of 2013. I'm now devoting myself to travel, painting, and photography. And promoting my books, of course!

Below you'll find descriptions of my 5 books, as well as news about new projects. And other stuff to help you to get to know me.

Mailing Address: 55 Northfield Drive, suite 324, Waterloo, Ontario N2K 3T6 Canada ~ Phone: 800-220-7749

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