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Universal Rules: There are no Universal Rules. Including These.

It's time for our Summer vacation, which means, like last year, that I'm taking a few weeks off from writing Into the Centre. We'll be returning for the September 8th issue. We'll be designing a new series of articles in the interim, so if you have some "I wants," let us know. We'll also be gently reminding you of our Voluntary Subscription idea. 

In the mean time, from Dar and me, have a great rest of the Summer!

wayne darbella

Warmly, Wayne

We've finally come to the end of our list of 25 Universal Rules, and of course, at this juncture, we need to remember that there are no rules. 

What we've actually been going through for 25 weeks are ideas or concepts to be considered. As I've said before, the test of the effectiveness of anything is whether it gets the results you want. It's this same with this list of rules. 

One of the dangers of learning something new is the curse of fundamentalism. Pretty much any system of thought can be fundamental-ized - simply by demanding that others see things the way the "true believer" does. And it doesn't matter if the reason we give is, "this belief and behaviour is for your own good." At the end of the day, we're not trying to create a "cult of true believers." We just want you to examine your life and to strengthen behaviours that work. 

Take some time this summer to gently look at who you are, what you believe and what you want, for your self, your relationships and your life. Use this opportunity to get quiet, go inside and meditate on what we've been talking about. Re-read the past issues in this series and see what appeals to you. 

We'll see you in a few weeks! 

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