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Front, Back — Yin, Yang

2015/06/15 0

Synopsis: We have within us a range of abilities, views, and attributes. Today we have a look at how they might better play with each other. Front, Back — Yin, Yang In This Moment Last time… You likely know that I have a separate site for my books–The Phoenix Centre Press. I mention this because Darbella and I have been editing a work of fiction from a new author, W. Asher Charles. The Kindle Version is available here, and the Amazon paperback is here. I’ve linked to; if you shop at other Amazon locations, just search for W Asher Charles. The book is called Walking Through, and it’s a sci fi adventure complete with a Zen flavour, ninjas, sex, and the multiverse. (Please note! Adult content!) If you’d like to read a sample (Amazon limits us to releasing 10% of the book as a preview, and it’s just over 110,000 words) we’ve set up a pdf of the first few chapters. You don’t even have to jump through hoops, just right click here, and then save the file to your computer. Then, if you like it, keep your eye out for a release e-mail. I’ll get to the above chart Read More


2013/05/13 1

Untwisting our bodies first of all starts with untwisting our minds long enough to hear what our bodies have to say Read More

Soft Eyes and an Open Heart

2012/05/14 0

Soft Eyes and an Open Heart — open heartedness requires an empty heart — a difficult concept for Westerners to grasp. And soft eyes produce astounding clarity. Let’s see how this works as a dance of intimacy. Read More

The Mad Parts of Sane People

2011/12/05 0

Mad Parts of Sane People — learning to embody ourselves — to visit the depths of ourselves, and then to incorporate and share what we find — is the ultimate mark of courage Read More

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