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Front, Back — Yin, Yang

2015/06/15 0

Synopsis: We have within us a range of abilities, views, and attributes. Today we have a look at how they might better play with each other. Front, Back — Yin, Yang In This Moment Last time… You likely know that I have a separate site for my books–The Phoenix Centre Press. Read More


2013/05/13 1

Untwisting our bodies first of all starts with untwisting our minds long enough to hear what our bodies have to say Read More

Soft Eyes and an Open Heart

2012/05/14 0

Soft Eyes and an Open Heart — open heartedness requires an empty heart — a difficult concept for Westerners to grasp. And soft eyes produce astounding clarity. Let’s see how this works as a dance of intimacy. Read More

The Mad Parts of Sane People

2011/12/05 0

Mad Parts of Sane People — learning to embody ourselves — to visit the depths of ourselves, and then to incorporate and share what we find — is the ultimate mark of courage Read More

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