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How to Get Your Life Together

2012/04/30 0

How to Get Your Life Together — we endlessly divide ourselves — into acceptable / unacceptable, good / bad, and try to fix things, one at a time. Getting ourselves together means starting with acceptance of all that you are, and then integrating the diverse elements into a coherent whole. Read More

Insight — Outsight

2010/11/08 2

Insight is the ability to see self, other, and the world with non-judgemental clarity. With clarity one is freed to act instead of blame Read More

Expressing your Truth

2010/11/01 2

Communication (expression) is all about letting others see who you really are, under the skin, without games, lies and evasions. Read More

The Heart of Compassion

2010/10/25 5

This is post 4 of 7 in the series “The Chakras” The Heart of Compassion is the willingness to ‘be with,’ without judgement, in exactly the situation you are in. The Zen of Letting Go This is the eighth of our new series of articles on The Zen of Letting Go, with side references to bodywork, breathwork, and energy (especially sexual energy) work. So, strange confluence of stuff right now. I sat down to write, and 2 things happened. I got a blog comment from a new reader, with the following question: Regarding your “5 Paths to Self-Knowing”, how would one look and feel through the Shadows of one’s self? This process of looking deeply, how is that done, what actions does one take?” I have new comment software installed, and apparently I can simply reply to the e-mail, and it will post to the blog. I gave that a try, and decided I that I needed to visit the BLOG to grab a link or 2. Wouldn’t you know it, the blog, and website, were down! I really have to say that this happens seldom — however, it’s been twice in 3 days, and I’m becoming aware of my Shadow side! What’s coming up Read More

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