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Find Your Calling

2017/07/08 0

Find Your Calling — we all have one — a calling, a vocation, a purpose. Finding yourself means finding your path. Read More

More on Being Present

2017/01/12 0

Synopsis: The Other 6 Ideas on Being Present –more on being present– 6 additional ways to tune in to a more elegant life Of Wayne’s many books, the one closest to today’s topic is: This Endless Moment Just a reminder, I’m just a few weeks away from releasing the 2nd edition of This Endless Moment, my most popular book. The rewrite adds, 60 + pages! If you’d like to be kept informed, sign up for info at, then “like” my Phoenix Centre Press page! Last week I presented the first 6 ideas on being more present in 2017. Here’s the last 6! 6. Demystifying Sex If you’ve read my book, This Endless Moment, you’ll know I take a non-serious tack with matters sexual and sensual. I wrote: “The reason sex continues to be considered some kind of marker in relationships is sexual embarrassment and immaturity. Sex is given great meaning because we are afraid to take it casually. It’s a hard thing to admit out loud to being sexual.” p 70 Quantum physics teaches us that the universe is energy and potential – in other words, stuff is simply in flow and flux, and then is observed and comes into being. This Read More

Be Present –12 Ideas

2017/01/04 0

Be Present — 12 Ideas — some ideas for being and staying present. Give the weird situations in the world, a little presence will go a long way. Read More

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