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Great Faith. Great Doubt. Great Effort.

2010/04/19 2

The bridesmaids of an Enlightened Life Great Faith. Great Doubt. Great Effort. There’s this thing we could call the leap of faith, which lies directly between convention and fully living. Like many things, there’s a orderly (or not so orderly) progression. Here’s how it goes. Most people enter adulthood as fundamentalists — by that, I mean that they mindlessly follow the rules and regulations of their tribe, culture, and family. They have a burning desire to fit in, so as not to ruffle feathers, or be seen as an outsider. Thus, everything is about doing things “the right way,” even though such thinking leads to semiautomatic, unreflective being. Society wants us to behave “correctly” in all areas, such as: 1) relationship/marriage, 2) child rearing, 3) employment, 4) political/socio/religious actions and perspectives. I’ll do whatever you say! People believe that such fundamental things as how we relate, how we do “what, and with which, and to whom,” what career to follow — in short, who we are and how we think, is graven in stone. We fear the supposed ostrasization that we imagine will result from disobedience. And certainly, given the last 100 years and genocides, there’s no question that appearing different can lead to Read More

Just Perspective

2009/08/24 1

Where we stand determines what we see. Literally and figuratively. I’m therefore amazed at the persistence of the belief in the accuracy of personal perspective.
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2009/03/02 0

One particularly interesting way to look at ourselves as human beings is to explore our free-flowing-ness versus our rigidity. Read More

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