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The Problem with Mind Boxes

2017/03/31 0

The Problem with Mind Boxes — mind boxes are convenient storage-places for data, and make living easy. Beware, however, making the contents “true.” Read More

Compassionate Acceptance

2017/03/17 0

Synopsis: Compassionate Acceptance–we are as we are; our cores are fixed. If we notice and stay present, we can accept ourselves and others, and act from there The book closest to today’s topic is Wayne’s, This Endless Moment 2nd. edition Compassionate Acceptance I wrote about this incident back in November: but Read More

Zen and Emotional Balance

2017/03/13 0

Zen and Emotional Balance–there’s nothing “Zen” about blocking emotions. In fact, Zen is all about being real, which means being elegant–including with your emotional expression. Read More

Zen and Simple Presence

2017/03/01 0

Zen and Simple Presence — waking up is not all that hard to do, but it does require paying attention, which many find… hard to do! What is simple isn’t so simple. Read More

Zen and Karma

2017/02/23 0

Zen and Karma — karma is not a system of rewards and punishments, or even a “what goes around comes around” philosophy. It’s a statement that all things are interrelated, and results have causes. Read More

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