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In the Moment

2007/04/10 0

Simple presence requires that we be… well… simply present. Not an easy thing, when confronted with a myriad of distractions. Or perhaps better put: when we endlessly obsess about the myriad of things we distract ourselves with. Read More

A Question of Experience

2007/04/02 0

I am inclined to feel there is a more important reason for resistance: if I start communicating honestly I will be forced to confront many of the millions of compulsive beliefs which I use to simplify my thinking. Confronting these will demand significant change in much of my fundamental beliefs. That is really **HARD WORK** and nobody is eager to embark on that. Read More

The Journey and the Path

2007/03/31 0

Picking a path and a therapist is perhaps one of the most important choices anyone ever makes. Moving along a path requires dedication and commitment. Read More

Never wait for another to make you happy

2007/03/17 0

One of the things we really need to recognize is the utter futility of thinking that anything, and especially happiness, comes to us from the outside. The reason this belief seems so real is that we come by this belief honestly, as it is the reality of infancy and childhood. Read More

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