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Do not use force. Use example.

2007/02/18 0

I suggest, endlessly, that the only way communication will happen is if each person takes responsibility for their own communication, no matter what their partner is doing. I am not communicating if all I am doing is pointing out what my partner is doing wrong. Read More

Gratitude Trumps Thanks

2007/02/03 0

Living in a state of present and persistent gratitude for whatever life brings is infinitely more useful than endlessly bemoaning the things my imagination thinks are missing. Read More

Bliss — the movie

2006/05/04 2

And yet another resource for you. Bliss is a movie that I highly recommend. As you know, we focus a lot of attention on Bodywork In the last 2 years or so, (since the tsunami, which nudged the magnetic poles a bit) I’ve noticed that many clients feel “out of balance.” Read More

Iyengar Yoga for Life

2006/04/11 0

Not that it means much, but I’d never heard of the style before. Iyengar yoga was an eye-opener. Named after guruji Iyengar, it’s “yoga with props.” The props are used to get you into the correct position. Read More

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