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Our Screensavers

Over the years, we've created many resources for self-development.
Two you'll find below are "screensavers" which work wonderfully on PC based computers.

  • Our Self Esteem Screensaver is available here
  • Our Original Screensaver was developed shortly after we opened The Phoenix Centre Website in 1999. Wayne spent several years making a living as a commercial photographer. Both he and Dar are still semi-avid photographers. Back in April of 99, Wayne came upon a program that converts photos into a gorgeous screensaver, complete with transitions. He decided to group 12 photos into a screensaver you can download and install on your PC (Windows 95, 98 through to XP required.)

The file is 2.1 megs, making for a bit of a download, but in the end, all you have to do is save the file, then double click on its name, and you can then fiddle with the settings. It "does its thing" by itself from there.

Here are thumbnails of the 12 photos:
(click on the thumbnail to see the full version)

Some of the pictures, below, can be
sent to anyone with an e-mail account,
in the form of a digital post card.
Click here to try it out - it's FREE!

flower1.jpg (30889 bytes)

flower2.jpg (88546 bytes)

flower3.jpg (175560 bytes)

flower4.jpg (18776 bytes)

hd2.jpg (82984 bytes)

le3.jpg (292656 bytes)

mountain2.jpg (217641 bytes)

shadow.jpg (101407 bytes)

storm.jpg (125835 bytes)

sunset.jpg (123149 bytes)

trees.jpg (147138 bytes)

waterfall.jpg (126722 bytes)

To download the file, click the button below.
A "save as" window will open in your browser.
Note where you are saving the .exe file.
After it saves, just double click on the file to install.

BS00865A.gif (2933 bytes)
Download now

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