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About The Phoenix Centre for Creative Living

I started The Phoenix Centre for Creative Living in the spring of 1982 as a Counselling Centre in Kitchener, Ontario. I developed this website initally as a place for client resources.

In 1999, I began a weekly blog, which turned into The Pathless Path. I wrote pretty much weekly for most of the time between then and now; in the last decade, the blog has been my main communiction mode.

I've maintined my Bodywork training section; it's a great resource for all things Bodywork and Breathwork.

And there's also a section devoted to the reduction of stress and anxiety.

I retired from counselling in 2013, and since then, Darbella and I have been travelling. I still write the blog, have authored 5 books, and am devoting time to painting and photography.

Check out the resources, and drop us a line!

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Wayne's Books

Over the years, I've written several books, all focussing on Zen living and relating.

Each book is desigend to clearly outline ways to be self responsible and aware. You'll learn the hows and whys, and find exercises, guides and good old fashioned advice. The links here lead to our book site, The Phoenix Centre Press, where there's more information on all my books!

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This Endless Moment 2nd. edition This Endless Moment 2nd. edition
Worthwhile change comes at a price. If you find yourself stuck in the middle, then right now, you can do something about it! It's time to decide!
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Half Asleep in the Buddha Hall Half Asleep in the Buddha Hall Wayne's "Eastern" book takes you by the hand and leads you to Zen-based peace of mind. View item
Living Life in Growing Orbits Living Life in Growing Orbits Living Life in Growing Orbits is designed to be read and worked through, day-by-day, over an entire year. View item
Find Your Perfect Partner Find Your Perfect Partner A guidebook to discovering what you re looking for in a relationship, and then finding the person! View item
The. Best. Relationship. Ever. The. Best. Relationship. Ever. Great relationships aren't a fluke. Learn how to dig deep and discover the power of elegant relating. View item

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