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Plans and Prospects

It will come as no surprise to most of you that Dar and I like adventure. In fact, the past few years have been so calm and ordered, we were getting a bit stale.

In Ontario, teachers have a thing called "85 and out." Your age plus years of service totals 85 and you get to retire with a full pension. Dar's at "85" in 2009 - which is not too far away.

(Dar's big "5-0" is coming up October 23, btw.)

Anyway, we've been talking shifts of direction for a year or so, and while we've had ideas, nothing has "jelled." We thought about teaching English in Japan (still a possibility,) moving to either Canadian coast, etc.  Then, back in April, things shifted.

We went to 2 Home Shows (we love 'em!) and met people from a company marketing property / homes / businesses in Costa Rica. This was a place we thought about years ago, and we really liked the look of the development and the "vibe" of the people. So, we talked about it. And talked about it.

And talked some more.

One night, in the hot tub, it became clear that we both really felt an affinity for the idea. We decided to take the next step of sending Dar to a seminar. Dar walked in the house, booted her computer, and she had and e-mail from the company, inviting her to a seminar 2 days later. Seeing this as a sign, off she went.

She came back with pages of notes. She loved it and I loved her enthusiasm, so I walked to my computer and booked flights and made arrangements. On May 21 we flew to Costa Rica for a whirlwind 5 day stay. At the end of day 4, we bought a property.

We have a 3-5 year plan. First of all, this lot is likely a "starter" position. It's .5 acres, and there is another lot we LOVE that's 5 acres.


In either case, our intent is to build a house, and some "treatment" space for counselling and Bodywork. The smaller property will suit; the larger would allow for a couple of free standing Guest Houses. The country is magnificent, and we were very happy there.

We're busily putting a Business Proposal together for the larger property - we can handle the smaller one on our own. The company we are buying from sells the land, builds the buildings and handles rental of the houses when we are not there. For the next couple of years, then, rental income will help add to our holdings.

We hope you are as excited as we are. Of course, you'll all be welcome to come down and stay and take part in our seminars and Bodywork offerings, and likely we'll offer a substantial Into the Centre discount. More on that as time goes by.

We will be closing our Port Elgin office soon, for a multitude of reasons, including the EAP up there suddenly not liking me for being too pushy and edgy in my therapy. (This based upon 1 complaint in 800 hours of service.) I was ready to close up there, as last Winter's driving almost killed me (literally and figuratively.) Happened a bit fast, but things always work out.

Anyway, that's an overview. Here's some pictures for you to look at:

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