Iyengar Yoga for Life

Iyengar Yoga for Life

Iyengar Yoga for Life

Darbella and I have always done some form of Eastern physical practice — Ninjitsu, Tai Chi, Ki Gong, whatever.

Back in September, a friend suggested we check out the yoga class she was attending. We’d done some yoga back in 1987, and we loved it, so off we went to a beginner’s class.

Not that it means much, but I’d never heard of the style before.

Iyengar yoga is a style of yoga, and believe me, it was an eye-opener. Named after guruji Iyengar, it’s “yoga with props.” The props are used to get you into the correct position. This had certainly been an issue for me in the past — wrong alignment meant bad back the next day.

We absolutely love the class, and the instructor — Fay Gascho — is amazing.

You can get a good description of this style here.

Class is this evening, and I woke up with a stiff lower back. As it turned out, the cosmos provided. I subscribe to a daily e‑zine from Yoga Journal, which had a decided Iyengar slant. Today’s article was on yoga positions for stretching at work. I gave the positions a try, and poof! My back feels better.

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