Reflections on 2007

So, What was YOUR Year Like?

I have to admit that I suck at Holiday Greeting letters. There was a time, a decade ago, when Darbella and I sent out Christmas cards, and included the pro forma ‘the year in retrospect’ letter. Over time, we’ve phased them out, and also have phased out the cards. We’ve also moved a lot. So, as of today, we’ve received two cards, and one is from my chiropractor.

If you’d like to, click and send us an e‑mail, and say hi!

Despite my usual “Bah, Humbug” thinking re. yearly reviews, I wanted to write a brief BLOG entry today, reflecting back on 2007.

Next week, I’ll take a stab at my goals for 2008.

What’s On YOUR Mind?

on your mind

Primarily, 2007 was the year of this BLOG.

Early in the year I began to cross post our old e‑zine, Into the Centre, to my WordPress BLOG. In August, my posts shifted to the BLOG, and went to weekly posting from twice a month. I also hooked it up to FeedBlitz, which is how the majority of you are reading this. It shows up pretty much every Monday, (occasionally Tuesday…) and you read it as e‑mail. A few of you use an RSS newsreader, but that isn’t particularly necessary. Newsreaders are good for sites that publish several times a week or day.

In the last year, the main access to our site has been to the Bodywork section. Apparently, we are answering a great need that people feel, to understand the Mind/Body/Spirit connection.

As to the BLOG, the top 4 articles were:

10 Quick Examples of Zen Living

10 Zen Principles to Help You Live Life Better

Zen for the Holidays

9 Ways to Screw Up a Relationship

So, what do I want to ask or say about this? Well, BLOGS are designed to foster community and to encourage dialog. However, sending each article out in its entirety, by e‑mail, means that most of you never go to the website, and almost none of you post comments or ask questions.

I could change the format of the e‑mail and only give you an article excerpt, but I’ve decided against that. I will, however, from now on, be adding this to each article:

Make Contact!

So, how does this concept sit with you?
What questions do you have? Leave a comment or question!

I’m doing this because I want to hear from you!

I’d like to know

  • what you are thinking,
  • where you are coming from,
  • what your sticking points are, and
  • what you’d like me to write about.

I’m writing this BLOG because I want to provide you with tools and resources. To do THAT, I ask that you click over to the site, if not every article, at least on a regular basis, and leave a comment!

Zen, Zen, Zen… it’s all about Zen

Well, no, not all about Zen, but as you’ve likely noticed, my focus has been moving in a Zen-like direction.

I’m convinced that the issues we face are self-created, as we direct odd little passion and persecution plays in our heads. We endlessly scare ourselves, and then blame others.

Zen teaches a discipline of watching, without judgement, the games our minds play. I’m construing my job as being a gong that wakes you from this game.

Wake Up!

Speaking of gongs, did you download my magical Zen Timer program? I have it running almost always on my computer, and I find the unpredictable reminder to stop and re-focus my attention to be valuable.

Go Deeper!

Two weeks ago, I gave you a link to a new pdf, both an online and a downloadable version, of some exercises you can try to deepen your relationship with your partner. I’m going to include those exercises in my next book, which is nearing completion of the writing phase. More on that next week.

Past Decisions, Future Directions

Dar and I continue to waffle about the direction our lives will take. As most of you know, Dar’s official retirement from teaching date is 2009. We kind of decided to go a year early — July 2008. You likely also know we love Costa Rica, and intend to settle there. Adding to this mix is our decision to take a year teaching English somewhere. Presently, Korea is at the top of our list. We also think we’ll buy an older house in Costa Rica, once we get there, but that’s another story.

Anyway, we have committed to taking a few days away during March Break, to decide — will it be 2008, or 2009. Needless to say, we’ll let you know what we decide.

This also means that if you have considered working with me directly, either in person or by phone, you’d better hop to it! Unless you want to visit in Korea or CR. If you’ve considered showing up for some work, have a look at our Weekend Residential concept.


We look forward to keeping in contact through our BLOG postings, and encourage you to keep in touch with us.

About the Author: Wayne C. Allen is the web\‘s Simple Zen Guy. Wayne was a Private Practice Counsellor in Ontario until June of 2013. Wayne is the author of five books, the latest being The. Best. Relationship. Ever. See: –The Phoenix Centre Press

6 thoughts on “Reflections on 2007”

  1. Hi Wayne and holiday blessings.

    I have been reading your e‑zine and blog entries for a couple of years and find them most useful in my life. I particularly like the little one phrase reminders of ‘what is really all about’; In this last entry it would be your grey box that starts “I am convinced that the issues we face.…scare ourselves and then blame others.”

    How true that seems to me.

    Watching ourselves, staying present without judgement, I am getting better at it and reading your articles is great reminder. Thanks.

    Happy new year to you and Dar


    • Hi Colleen,
      Just discovered your comment. I gotta check here more often…
      I’m really focussed on letting go of the blame thing… and notice I still do it occasionally, and am embarrassed.
      Glad you’re reading!

  2. Hi Wayne

    May I respond with the observation that your Zen focus has been very beneficial to me.

    You comment: “We endlessly scare ourselves, and then blame others.”

    My word and isn’t that so, and isn’t the peace of doing neither but just watching, observing and smiling without trying to ‘fix’ anything, simply beatific.

    Have a beatific Newtonmas, Peter

    • Hi Peter,
      Best wishes to you, too.
      I asked for comments and then forgot to check the comments. Seems to me this used to be set to let me know.
      Gotta fix that.
      Always good hearing from you. I’m glad for all of your years of devoted commenting, and just being a friend.
      Blessings in 2008!

  3. I just want to give you The biggest Holiday Hug of all time!!

    Ok let me tell you why i listen to you.…

    I forward on your messages to my fiance so that he can get over blaming me for whatever

    At this point we have been separated for 4 months so I can’t really blame him for worrying but by the sounds of our emails…he has just come around 360 degrees…and we were pretty good when I LEFT…We had an agreement…which I could explain… but he knew that I have to be with my son in Australia until he graduates (which he just did with my help) and now we are about to reunite

    so.… thanks for you most amazing insights



    • Hi Margaret,
      A small apology… I’ve neglected to look for comments, having asked for them.
      How un-Zen of me… (he says with embarrassment.)
      Thanks for the Holiday hug… even now when I’m collecting it.
      I do love writing, and glad you’re making use of my words.
      Warmly, Wayne


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