The Zen of Reflections for 2012

The Zen of Reflections for 2012 — a look at the past, peering into the future.

The Costa Rica Update

rainbowIn Costa Rica, they’re delivered!

Getting ready for a client, then packing up and heading south for 10 days or so. We’ve booked a great hotel in San Jose for the last two days here, sort of a New Year’s present for us, 61st birthday present for me!

My birthday is January 3rd, in case you want to send greetings! 😉

road to 2012


Well, 2011 turned out to be an interesting year. Darbella had pretty much, back in September of 2010, decided that she was done teaching — she’d reached her “85 and out,” and was ready to tackle something new. I was ready to tackle anything, although I was surprised when my clinical practice kept growing.

One of the other things we stopped doing a few years back was workshops. In fact, teaching at The Haven several years ago was it.

2011 saw the return of teaching workshops for us, as we taught a brand new version of our Bodywork training. Dar is continually improving her Qi Gong technique, and the participants thought she was great. And they all seemed intrigued to get their hands on each other for Bodywork.

We’d talked for years about an extended stay in Costa Rica, where we bought land in 2004. Our last trip, for a month, was in 2005. We had it in mind to move to Costa Rica, as the cost of living is lower than in Canada (although this, like everything, changed a bit in the intervening years.)

Anyway, as you know, we packed everything up into storage, and left Canada for Costa Rica the end of October. We’re here for just shy of another month, flying home via Buffalo, NY on January 26, 2012. Yeah. I know. What were we thinking? Buffalo in January…

We return to Kitchener / Waterloo, to see what emerges.

It is our intention to take the energy boost we’ve gotten down South, and to use it to build a place to work and live in Canada. We’re already planning a trip out West, likely flying to Calgary, visiting relatives there, and some of mine in Montana, and then heading to BC.

We’ve had a couple of offers of places to stay in BC, and we’re thinking we’d like to do some teaching / work while there, so if you’re out West, let us know if you have ideas. We’re tentatively thinking June, but are presently flexible as to dates.

So, what about Costa Rica?

perspectivePutting things back into perspective

Frankly, we don’t know. The 2 months have flown by, we’ve had a slice, and really love the country. That said, we’re not sure what to do about living / being here.

We discuss it, and are of several minds. One idea that flits across our minds is to travel a couple of months a year, and include Costa Rica in the circuit. We still think fondly of teaching English somewhere, and realize this conflicts with wanting to work in Canada. And then, in November in Costa Rica, we realized that we spent about 50% of what we would have spent living in Canada. For example, our 2 bedroom casita is $450.00 USD per month, utilities in. Hmm.

A Few Learnings
  • I have learned that my melancholy nature is fluid — I think I was melancholy-clear for 2 months, and in the last week or so, my more ‘normal-feeling’ melancholy has returned. Restless nights, quandaries about the future, etc. Getting out in the sun, walking 8 kms. up and down the colinas (hills) seems to help, and I long ago accepted my nature. Still, interesting to be mostly melancholy free for 50 days or so.
  • I’ve learned that I can slow down – although I choose to continue writing and editing — I have been revising websites pretty steadily. I’m still putting in 6 — 8 hours a day writing, editing, and doing web stuff.
  • I’ve learned that I can “not work” (as in working directly with people.) — In the past, this was something I made myself miserable over. It’s been more than 2 months since I’ve seen a client, and while I miss the contact, I’m certainly not obsessing about it.
  • Also, in the last week, I’ve done 3 sessions on Skype!! Amazing how satisfying that can be, especially when the tech works — video at a distance!
  • My patience comes and goes — We’ve lived with a lot of rain and wind, and our water occasionally stops running — apparently, the guys putting in a road a half mile away keep disconnecting the water from the houses on our camino (road) when they need it, and mostly they remember to hook it back up at 5pm. I notice that the lack of water is something irritate myself over, almost to the point of asking (as my mother used to) “Why are they doing this to me?” And then, I have a breath.
  • I’ve learned that what I want and what’s available to me are often different — Things get done when they get done. Or better, people promise to do it “today,” so as not to annoy. You learn to look at what actually gets done, and realize that, metaphorically and actually, the water flows when the water flows.
  • Driving here is interesting Costa Ricans are in general, genial and kind. Many, I think, become “the other” behind the wheel. We had a great driver a couple of weeks back, and I noticed: on curves (there are hills, blind curves, and some of the roads are terrible) he plowed straight through (didn’t stay right of the line.) When I was driving, you just never knew what was going to be around the corner — often, it was a truck, in my lane.
  • I’ve learned that, as I drive, I almost never freak out, and don’t even grip the wheel. – However, I did discover that I tense my back muscle right above my pelvis, and it takes me days to unwind. Nice to know that I do this when stressed, as opposed to going, “Duh. Wonder where the backache came from?” Letting go of the tightness is another story.

Darbella does great Bodywork — (thanks!) — and I found a great chiropractor in Tronadora, 10 minutes away.

So, the trip has been a learning. Learning to drive and pay attention, all the time. Learning to work when it rains, and hike when it doesn’t. Learning to let go of the need to be in endless contact. Learning that it’s OK to not know what we’re doing come January 26 (we don’t even know how we’re getting from Buffalo to home…)

It is our intention to make 2012 into a transitioning year. If things go toward working and living in Canada, we will. If workshops emerge, we’ll teach them. If the relationships book calls to me, I’ll finish it.


We might just pack up and come back to Costa Rica, or go someplace else. For the first time ever, I am content to do what I do, and see what happens next. I’m learning not to push against the world and expect it to move.

So, that’s where things sit at the end of 2011, beginning of 2012. let me know how you are doing and what your plans are.

We can walk together.

Make Contact!

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About the Author: Wayne C. Allen is the web\‘s Simple Zen Guy. Wayne was a Private Practice Counsellor in Ontario until June of 2013. Wayne is the author of five books, the latest being The. Best. Relationship. Ever. See: –The Phoenix Centre Press

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  1. Happy New Year Wayne and Dar, just wanted to give you my daughter’s website. I can see you and Erin working together in CR for those “couple of months” a year. She’s been living 12 hr. south of Tamarindo for 3+ yrs now and quite a local. All continues well here, ‑20 this am, so don’t rush to get back. I love your articles Wayne and find something for me every time I open up The Pathless Path. Lovingly, Sue Harvey

    • I remember talking with her at your party some moons ago! I’ll check the site.
      Still not sure what we’re doing, but enjoying the not knowing.
      Nice to hear from you — assuming you are well and life is swimming along.
      Let’s do coffee sometime
      Love n hugs, w


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