Chakra Gifts fo the Holiday Season, part 1

Chakra Gifts fo the Holiday Season — a pair of articles with suggestions about new ways of being in 2013 — using the Chakras as your Guide

In This Moment

The next 2 articles provide some ideas for approches you might take in 2013 — approaches designed to free your passion, and to create your masterpiece — one of my favourite clients says, “Her empire!” Same idea.

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chakra gifts

Over the next two weeks, I’m going to play around with the “gifts” that the Chakras give us. I’m playing fast and loose with this, as, “ ‘Tis the Season!” Anyway, some this week, some next.

The Ground

Not really a Chakra, the ground is the source of Yin energy — the energy of intuition, the body, the inside, the left, the vastness and openness of simply being.

The ground sends us nourishment, and gives us a place to plant our feet. The rich soil of the ground is the home to nourishment, the locale for the flow of flexibility, and the springboard for all that is new.

We come from the ground and to the ground we are wise to return.

The earth is alive, messy, muddy, cool and deep. The ground is our dark and dirty side, in a completely fun way of course! People who are stiff and uptight lack the “down and dirty-ness” of the ground.

In 2013, spend some time really feeling your way into a relationship with the ground. Take your shoes off and run barefoot. Feel the cool heat of the summer grass. Imagine that you are sending Roots down into the earth, and are opening yourself to the ground’s endless source of insight.

The Root Chakra — the gift of stability

root chakra

The Root Chakra includes the legs and the Chakra itself — the perineum. Rootedness and groundedness describe the same thing — finding balance and security no matter how unstable the world itself is.

bubbling well

Yin energy enters the body through the “Bubbling Well Point” on the sole of the foot. It’s where you can (and should!) imagine sending your Roots into the ground from. Many people feel heat at this point — a good sign that you want to focus your attention there.

Your feet should make even contact with the ground. Think about how often your legs feel tight and sore — an indicator that your feet are trying desperately to grip the ground like claws. Have a breath, massage your legs, and let go.

As you do, you likely will begin to feel a flow of energy through your feet and up your legs.

Relax, and breathe, and imagine standing tall and straight. Your knees are slightly flexed (no rigidity for you!) and your feet firmly planted a foot apart. Keep your thighs relaxed and knees apart.


Feel the energy entering your Root Chakra. Massage this area, and ask others to massage it for you! This is a key acupuncture point, and needs to be throbbing with energy without gripping or shutting down.

Do gentle “kegels,” pulling the pelvic floor up and down. Visualize the energy flowing upward from the Root Chakra.

In 2013, devote yourself to martial arts like Tai Chi, and energy exercises like Qi Gong. Spend time stomping your feet and shaking and massaging your legs. If parts hurt, get Bodywork on them, and especially on your Root Chakra. Do exercises designed to increase your balance.

The Belly Chakra — the gift of passion, relating, eroticism, and sex

belly chakra

The Belly area is busy, busy. It’s the home of the above energies (although the sex drive is located in the Root Chakra for men…)

As we’ve been discussing, the energy of the pelvis can be called “Passion,” and it relates to everything — passion for living, vocation, how we relate to others, and our sexual and erotic expression.

Passion is the burning, internal fire of purpose. Developing passion is a key path of self-development — this fire is what drives us to go deeper — to change our way of being. Passion is all about desire — a desire focused on a goal and in a specific direction.

Passion is what turns our body’s energy into the drive to act.

Now, the passion has to go somewhere and do something — thus the rest of the Chakras. The Belly is where the fire starts — sort of like a home with a hearth. The fire is built, stoked, tended, and the rest of the house receives the heat.

Stuff” (people, places, things) does not create passion in us. No one can make us feel our passion, as passion is an inside job. Passion comes as we metaphorically press into ourselves, stimulating this Chakra.

Passion feels hot and chargy. Thus, it is a prime mover and motivator — so long as we do not attach to or get hooked on the feeling. If we do, we become passion junkies, and the only goal is “more passion.” We get caught in our bellies.

Passion is the prime mover. It urges us toward enlightenment — toward a noble goal or cause. It motivates us to find depth in self-awareness and for more vibrancy in relationship.

Eroticism and sexuality are branches on Passion’s tree.

Sex becomes a fascinating and passionate learning energy. That’s the point of Tantra and Kundalini work. The energy (which is “just energy,”) can be directed, turning it into a powerful force for our own awakening.

In 2013, find someone to explore your passionate / erotic, sexual energy with. Learn how to “make it work for you.” Begin by rocking, rolling, and moving your pelvis. Breathe into your Belly, breathe your energy “up,” and feel the increase of heat and charge. Use touch — massage and Bodywork, to build the charge, and to play with your passionate energy.

Dedicate yourself to breaking open the blocks in your Belly. Find a gentle comfort, an ease, and a flow.

The Solar Plexus Chakra — the gift of self-awareness and self-gentleness

solar plexus chakra

The Solar Plexus is the last of the physical Chakras. As the energy rises, we reach the first area of resistance. Our tendency, at this point, is to pull in (tighten the diaphragm) and to start judging.

Being charged, balanced, alive and passionate is not “the norm.” We’ve been taught to be taught — to be tight, shut down, good boys and girls. As a result, most of my clients have tight pelvises and asses, and also tight mid-back muscles.

We do this to “keep still.” We freeze our pelvises, lest anyone judge us.

The SP Chakra is about freedom of understanding. As the energy arrives, we get to make a choice — will you return to shutting down, or will you accept yourself as you really are?


To do so requires gentleness, openness, and awareness. It’s all about seeing yourself as being whole, empowered, and able. Think about how you tighten up, hide, and shut yourself down. Massage your Belly, especially along the place where your ribs end. Get someone to work on the large muscles at the small of your back.

In 2013, set a project to self-explore. Do so physically, mentally, and “passionately.” What drives you? What do you wish to accomplish? How do you want to be in the world?

Open up. Remind yourself to accept yourself, all of you, and especially the messy parts, which arise from the soil of the yin laden ground. Embrace yourself, and drop the judgements!

Experiment with the first three Chakras, using touch, contact with others, dance and movement. Wiggle, and accept the reality of your “self,” without fixing your story in stone. Embrace who you are, right now, and ask for what you want.

More next week!

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