Chakra Gifts fo the Holiday Season, part 2

Chakra Gifts for the Holiday Season — the second of two articles for your seasonal pleasure

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Darbella and I wish you all a great Holiday Season!

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chakra gifts

The second of two articles — I’m going to play around with the “gifts” that the Chakras give us. I’m playing fast and loose with this, as, “ ‘Tis the Season!” Anyway, some this week, some next.

The Heart Chakra — The gift of compassion

heart chakra

The Heart Chakra is the home to compassionate action. The arms / hands extend from the heart, and are the metaphoric vehicles for actually doing something with your life.

Being loving is an action — “love” does not exist without action. Loving compassionately requires keenness, and sharpness, and accuracy, just like cutting with a knife does.

Sometimes loving is a gentle nudge. Never is loving about doing things that fly in the face of who you are. Loving is only possible when you are present, connected, self-responsible, and curious.

Presence means I am here, in this moment, and nowhere else. Being connected is an emotional sense of resonance. It’s all energy anyway, so being connected is allowing myself to open enough to actually feel.

We talked about this with the Solar Plexus Chakra — feeling your energy and accepting that all of that “stuff” going on inside is you. As the energy is accepted, is arises to the heart, and is transformed into something useful.

At the heart, you open even more — enough to feel the vibrational tone of another, and of the world.

Self-responsible action arises at the heart. You are “simply present,” and from this presence you respond, from your core, (your belly) to the situations at “hand.” Self-responsibility, then, is all about working from the centre outward, with a clear heart and focused mind.

Curiosity is not manipulative. It’s an acknowledgement that whatever is going on in your world is yours, and is therefore different from my understandings. Because value you, I want to know more about you. And because I value you, I want to know how well your perspective is working.

Be more loving in 2013. Open yourself to enacting both caring and compassion, with no need to fix anyone or anything. From this place of non-fixing, live elegantly, leave a mark, and be a blessing!

Practice sitting with your knees apart and your arms at your side. Be open physically, and be open emotionally to what is happening around you. No that you are self-aware, you see that there is no risk in being open. All there is, is opportunity!

The Throat Chakra — The gift of being who you are

throat chakra

The throat Chakra is about expression — not just speech, but all aspects of communicating who you are. Stiff necks and tight throats are signs of hiding — of over-thinking, and under-doing.

A few weeks ago, I shared a booklet I wrote, on passion.

I described the path that Taoists think energy flows in. The flow starts in the belly Chakra, and heads down, across the genitals, root Chakra. Then up the spine, across the head, down the throat, into the heart, and back to the belly.

This description works for me, and explains a bit about how the Heart Chakra is engaged.

It seemed strange to me that the “enacting” heart came before the “expressing” throat. Seems like you’d have to be willing to “let the cat out of the bag” before you let it out.

In any event, the gift of the throat is the power of communication. It is where the “words” come from — the essence of our selves. Freeing the throat lets us speak our truth — our understanding.

In 2013, meditate on what you are hiding from others. It might be a “side” of you — your intuition, strength, creativity, or passion. It might be hiding a work of creativity — a book, article, painting, photograph. You might be hiding “success” — in a sense thwarting yourself — not letting your light shine.

Vow to open up your neck and throat, again using touch and Bodywork. Learn to make sounds — to emote. Notice how, as your neck relaxes, the rest of your body starts to move.

Play with this freed energy, often and deeply.

The Third Eye — the gift of wisdom and insight

third eye chakra

Once again, working strictly upwards seems “off.” Our Taoist microcosmic orbit puts the Third Eye ahead of both expression and action, and this makes sense.

The Third Eye is where our intuitive, internal knowing resides. It’s not “the project” — it’s “the understanding” regarding how to express the project.

Working with this Chakra requires a ton of trust on your part, as it’s work has almost nothing to do with “facts.” The Third Eye balances out the logic of the brain. It takes the thoughts, and adds a dash of speculation, creativity, and clarity (insight) to the party.

In 2013, find ways to engage your Third Eye. Use your imagination, and then write, draw, sing it out. Trust yourself enough to let others in on what you are imagining. Find people you trust to share your hopes and dreams with, and also find folk to experiment with regarding your fantasies.

The Crown Chakra — the gift of vocation and creative living

crown chakra

Our Passion and vocation booklet is really about making use of the yang energy that enters our bodies through our Crown Chakras. I do believe that each of us has a purpose — a higher calling, as it were, and that the motivation and details is contained in the clarity of the Crown Chakra.

This is not the same as what most people do with their minds — endless stories, second-guesses, regrets, fears. This is pure cognition.

Our minds are capable of marvellous things, but only if disciplined. It’s learning to stop the endless stories, and to see what lies beneath them. The “pull.” The vocation — the truth of your passion.

In 2013, start meditating. This is one of the keys for learning to focus and discipline yourself to let go of wool-gathering, and to bring your mind into harmony with your intention.

Your mind then takes the energy that has flowed up from the belly — root. The mind takes that raw passion, and focusses it on a specific project / goal /passion. The Third Eye adds wisdom and insight to the mix, separating the wheat from the chaff.

The Throat finds the voice, and in a sense gets out of the way (gives you the courage to enact yourself.)

And the Heart, with caring and compassion, “delivers the goods.”

This is what elegant, present, purposeful living looks like, energetically. It’s up to you. You can continue to restrict yourself, suppress yourself. Or you can choose, moment by moment, to let go of clinging, of holding yourself back.

You can, in short, free your self to be yourself.

Not a bad project for a New Year, eh?

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