1. Drama and Being Twisted
  2. Untwisting
  3. Untwisting through Erotic Work
  4. Getting out of Bondage

Untwisting our bodies first of all starts with untwisting our minds long enough to hear what our bodies have to say

untwisting your body
Untwisting ourselves is not difficult, but it does take effort. We have to use techniques to explore the “root causes,” and then use various Bodywork techniques to let go. Here’s the first of a few articles with suggestions.

I said last week I’d carry on talking about being “twisted.” Today, my buddy Lindsay (hey Lindsay!) Facebook-ed a link to an article about “listening to what your body tells you.”

I replied, sounds like Bodywork!

In the article, the massage therapist was holding the sacrum of the author, who then started to “see” what was going on in her body. She’d been in an auto accident, and was compensating. Her body was “twisted,” but thing thing is, after compensating for whatever, you stop noticing the compensation. Twisted becomes normal.

Our compensations become our reality

The Sacrum is all about passion for life, and how we relate. Many are twisted here!

In Bodywork, we go in deep, and places that are twisted are invited to let go. What I’ve discovered in my 30 plus years of doing this work, is that letting go for some clients, is scary.

The thing is, most blocks actually are not caused by physical injuries.

They’re caused by unresolved trauma. That trauma can relate to upbringing, sexual or physical issues / events, and decidedly by how we view ourselves.

This week, I want to talk about how to discover what’s going on for you, and to share a video Darbella just cooked up.

A few years ago, I started leaning to the right at my pelvis, caused by a wonky SI joint. I’ve done Bodywork and physio for it, and am almost straight again.

This is the same twist last week’s article was all about.

Today, in the middle of writing, my entire lower back tightened. Dar worked on my sacral area, which it the location for passion for life, and for how we relate (to people, places, things.)

If you’ve been reading me for long, you know one of my issues is a combo.

  • The a) part is that I have a burning desire to be “of use.”
  • The b) part, which is contradictory, is that I also think that people don’t like me for me… they like me for what I do. This can quickly become resentment and sadness.

Both of these are sacral, 2nd chakra issues.

No coincidence, then, that this area of my body is giving me trouble.

I hurt, especially if I sit too long. Writing this article was painful. I needed to go and stretch out in bed to get the kink to let go.

Dar got me to stand up, and then led me through this Qi Gong exercise:

if you can’t see the video, click here to watch


Give it a try!

Dancing with moxa

My intent, as I work on me, or on clients, is to go where the pain or resistance or blockage is, and to help the places to release. With some clients, I use Red Flower Chinese medicine, with others, moxa. I apply pressure. With myself, same thing, courtesy of Darbella.

I do not need to come to any conclusions about why I do what I do to myself. I already, in fact, have a pretty good story invented about “why.” I just need to straighten out my twists, breathe into them, and then let go of any emotion that comes up.

I think I mentioned this a few weeks back, but a recent client is blocked lots of places, and really set herself off around her chest. Told me, “I’m not used to letting people in (see the metaphor for my thumbs?) and I want to run away.” Too close, to open, too intimate.

She did stick with it a little longer, however, and that is the only way through.

Clients do find excuses for not working things through — that’s how they got “twisted” in the first place. Many can even tell me exactly where there are caught, and how. They recognize that releasing might be messy, or noisy, or angry, or sexually charged, and they step back.

The client I mentioned last week is using her desire for pain to mask her need to actually let go of a lifetime of stories. That letting go is going to have something to do with root chakra material, and 2nd chakra release (erotic work… more next week.)

In the mean time, do a body inventory.

The major energy storehouse

The Taoists came up with the microcosmic orbit. Focus on your Lower Dan Tian, 2 inches below your navel and 2 inches in. Use your fingers to massage and probe this area. See what thoughts come up. Imagine energy pooled there.

Now, imagine the energy moving down, to your genitals.

Move your hands lower, and work around your pubic bone, at the creases between your belly and legs. Work on staying present and seeing what stories come up, as opposed to checking out and / or heading into orgasm-ville.

Now, move the energy down to your root chakra.

Again, use your fingers to explore your perineum. Press inward, and feel for the energy / stories stored there.
Now, drop your hands to your sides, and hold the region from your lower belly down to your root chakra in your mind. Keep breathing, and move your pelvis a bit, rocking it. See what images and stories come up for you.

You’ll likely discover tightness, energy, stories, fears, traumas, and lots of other stuff.

When it feels right to you, get up and write some of it down.

If you’re brave, share your experience on the blog.

Next week, how erotic massage can help

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About the Author: Wayne C. Allen is the web\‘s Simple Zen Guy. Wayne was a Private Practice Counsellor in Ontario until June of 2013. Wayne is the author of five books, the latest being The. Best. Relationship. Ever. See: –The Phoenix Centre Press

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