The Zen of Insight

We sit, and observe, and suddenly the background mental chatter is right there, as plain and obvious as can be. It’s largely crap, and consists of half-formed stories that serve like the little images in a DVD index. We see the little image, get all intrigued, and push “PLAY.”
Except that we are the director, writer, and cinematographer, and all the work happens as we push the PLAY button.
None of it exists until we make it up.

Self-less Expression

This “joining” approach is what begins the healing process — joining together the parts of ourselves into a coherent whole. And here’s the weird piece — We recognize, as all good Zen practitioners know, that not only are we whole, but that the only place we exist is in the here and now. We also know that, in a very real sense, each of us is the totality of the universe itself.