There are gates in the body — metaphoric passages from one stage of development to another. We look at moving into full expression of self-into full being.

Crowning Glory

Life is, indeed, exactly like this. In case you haven’t noticed, if you’re not dead, the Cosmos is providing everything you need. As a matter of fact, it’s even providing stuff, experiences, that you either don’t know you need, or wish you didn’t need. In other words, each of life’s challenges is there for a reason.

The Zen of Insight

We sit, and observe, and suddenly the background mental chatter is right there, as plain and obvious as can be. It’s largely crap, and consists of half-formed stories that serve like the little images in a DVD index. We see the little image, get all intrigued, and push “PLAY.”
Except that we are the director, writer, and cinematographer, and all the work happens as we push the PLAY button.
None of it exists until we make it up.