Botox, Migraines and Insight

Botox, Migraines and Insight — what do migraines and Botox have to do with insight? Read on! I’ve been thinking about heads and headaches of late, for several reasons. One is that a friend just told us that she’s developing migraines. This reminded me of Darbella and me, many years ago. And of migraines, garden-variety … Read more

Life and Stress

This is post 1 of 3 in the series “Dealing with Stress” Ideas for stress management through Zen, meditation, re-visualization, etc. Life and Stress It’s All About Stress The Effects of Chronic Stress Life and Stress — recent studies have declared that stress is at epidemic levels. This is certainly so with students. What can … Read more

Body Cleanse

a body cleanse is one way to clear out junk from your system, and to have more energy for cleaning out the emotional junk.