Clearing Relationship Gunk

What I am trying to ‘sell’ here is the idea that all you can do is all you can do. It is never your job to point out what your partner is doing wrong (who do you think you are, their mommy or daddy?????) Figuring themselves out is your partner’s job. If your partner has no interest in this job, then you have to choose whether to stay. But, before you run away (again!) turn your attention to your own behaviour, and ask yourself this: “Is my current behaviour impeccable — is it designed to deepen my side of the relationship?”

Focused, present relating takes practice.

Because our minds are looking for complexity (as opposed to Simple Presence,) we resist the idea that the “many, many” issues we think we have are usually the same issue, in different guises. My favourite way of saying this is, “Baskin Robbins has 32 flavours, and they are all Ice Cream.”

The key to love is respect and patience

The key to love is respect and patience Romantic love is impossible to maintain over time. The romantic side of the equation depends almost completely on the emotions. Romance is typically huge — the ups and downs are dramatic, and exhausting. Long term relationships, on the other hand, depend on the gifts of respect and … Read more