Letting go of Assumptions

The first 16 years is all about what I call the “Ego Project.” It is important to note that the personal ego created in this process is self-aware but not self-reflective. I know that I am I, but I do not really know who ‘I’ am.

You Can’t Win

It’s an odd one, how many people think that the reason something they are doing doesn’t work is that they aren’t trying hard enough. Or, they think that, with a little extra persuasion (from me, from their partner, from their doctor or some other authority figure,) the non-working thing will magically shift.
Maybe, just maybe, it doesn’t work because it’s the wrong approach!

Putting Your Soul into your Being

It seems to me that life in the 21st century has been dumbed down and cheapened. Perhaps more so than ever before, people are fixated on buying happiness at any cost, and then depressing themselves when what they bought doesn’t have any lasting effect. The solution: Simple Presence as a Spiritual Discipline

In the Moment

Simple presence requires that we be… well… simply present. Not an easy thing, when confronted with a myriad of distractions. Or perhaps better put: when we endlessly obsess about the myriad of things we distract ourselves with.

A Question of Experience

I am inclined to feel there is a more important reason for resistance: if I start communicating honestly I will be forced to confront many of the millions of compulsive beliefs which I use to simplify my thinking. Confronting these will demand significant change in much of my fundamental beliefs. That is really **HARD WORK** and nobody is eager to embark on that.

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