The Myth of a Self

Consider: How often do you find yourself miserable, judging your life to be awful or meaningless, and what happens then? Do you not find yourself asking some form of this question: “Why is this happening to me? Why is my life like this?” Is it possible for you to explore the possibility that this is the wrong question? It is the wrong question because there is no “you” that has a life.

The key to love is respect and patience

The key to love is respect and patience Romantic love is impossible to maintain over time. The romantic side of the equation depends almost completely on the emotions. Romance is typically huge — the ups and downs are dramatic, and exhausting. Long term relationships, on the other hand, depend on the gifts of respect and … Read more

In the Moment

Simple presence requires that we be… well… simply present. Not an easy thing, when confronted with a myriad of distractions. Or perhaps better put: when we endlessly obsess about the myriad of things we distract ourselves with.

A Question of Experience

I am inclined to feel there is a more important reason for resistance: if I start communicating honestly I will be forced to confront many of the millions of compulsive beliefs which I use to simplify my thinking. Confronting these will demand significant change in much of my fundamental beliefs. That is really **HARD WORK** and nobody is eager to embark on that.