Zen for the Holidays — 10 Tips

How often I found where I should be going only by setting out for somewhere else.” ~ R. Buckminster Fuller
Nothing ups the ante for family drama better than ‘going Home for the Holidays.’ (You really need to see the movie…)
Typically, past dramas are minimized as people play the ‘this year it will be different’ game. People expect Normal Rockwell gatherings, when “those gathered ’round” more closely resemble the Bunkers.
There are ways to change the game, but only if you decide to end the old game, AND replace it with something Zen.

The Bliss of an Empty Mind

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Three Powerful Words: ‘I Don’t Know’

I suppose you could say that enlightenment’ has everything to do with exploring the inner workings of our mind, in a gentle and focused way. In other words, to look at our looking, to see our seeing, all without attaching meaning to it.