Compassionate Acceptance

Synopsis: Compassionate Acceptance–we are as we are; our cores are fixed. If we notice and stay present, we can accept ourselves and others, and act from there The book closest to today’s topic is Wayne’s, This Endless Moment 2nd. edition Compassionate Acceptance I wrote about this incident back in November: but back when Trump got … Read more

5 Ways to Learn to Trust

5 Ways to Learn to Trust — Opening your heart is a great metaphor for living a life ‘out of your head, and in the present moment.’ Like anything else, we find a skillful means for doing this by exiting our stories in favour of living in the here and now. The living is compassionate, … Read more

The Heart of Compassion

This is post 3 of 6 in the series “The Chakras” The Root of Life 5 Paths to Self-knowing The Heart of Compassion Expressing your Truth Insight — Outsight The Energy of Balance The Heart of Compassion is the willingness to ‘be with,’ without judgement, in exactly the situation you are in. The Zen of … Read more