No-Body Home

Many religions/wisdom traditions have indicated that there is but one path to freedom, and it is achieved through centering. Now, this centering might be described as praying, meditating, directing our energy, dancing (thinking of Sufis here) or chanting. It might be reached through massage, manipulation of the chakras, through Qi Gong, yoga, Kundalini work, but the goal is the same.

The Complexity of Simplicity

Perhaps nothing is more important than truly grasping the paradoxical nature of reality. Most of us hate paradox—we want things to be simple, predictable, and emphatically, we want things to be the way we think they ought to be. Flying in the face of our little foot-stomping rants about how things ‘ought to be’ is ‘how things are.’ I call this side of the equation reality.

Zen for the Holidays — 10 Tips

How often I found where I should be going only by setting out for somewhere else.” ~ R. Buckminster Fuller
Nothing ups the ante for family drama better than ‘going Home for the Holidays.’ (You really need to see the movie…)
Typically, past dramas are minimized as people play the ‘this year it will be different’ game. People expect Normal Rockwell gatherings, when “those gathered ’round” more closely resemble the Bunkers.
There are ways to change the game, but only if you decide to end the old game, AND replace it with something Zen.

Celebrate Your Life

On killing the Buddha. — This means ‘being with’ myself as I am, without judgement. I am how I am. And as I go there, I realize that, if I do not cling to the idea that I will be this way ‘forever,’ how I am shifts as time goes by. If I do not invest in my ‘tale of woe,’ I pass through it… until the next time.

Letting go of techniques

You are conditioned to judge, and then to seek a ‘cure,’ as if you are separate from your judgement, and separate from what your are judging. What I’m working on communicating is that getting all of this involves seeing through duality to the underlying unity. But notice–seeing through something means that the thing is there, and you are now seeing through it.