The Complexity of Simplicity

Perhaps nothing is more important than truly grasping the paradoxical nature of reality. Most of us hate paradox—we want things to be simple, predictable, and emphatically, we want things to be the way we think they ought to be. Flying in the face of our little foot-stomping rants about how things ‘ought to be’ is ‘how things are.’ I call this side of the equation reality.


Non duality, on the other hand, (he writes with a smirk) is about loosening ones grip on one note being. Life becomes a dance. You notice that you are judging, labelling, boxing things up, and you have a breath and let go of the definitions. In this letting go process, your experience expands, and you see that whatever is going on has many aspects, all equally true.

A Lesson About Growing Up

Many of my clients are “Boomers,” and many of them are ‘squeezed’ between their living parents and their kids. I want to frame what I’m about to show you with this: The goal of parenting is to raise your kids to be independent adults—and the age of independence is 18–20. That this is not happening is terrifying.
Always has been, always will be.

Celebrate Your Life

On killing the Buddha. — This means ‘being with’ myself as I am, without judgement. I am how I am. And as I go there, I realize that, if I do not cling to the idea that I will be this way ‘forever,’ how I am shifts as time goes by. If I do not invest in my ‘tale of woe,’ I pass through it… until the next time.