When tempted to blame, propose self-responsible solutions

It is almost as if western culture has spawned several generations of ‘helpless victims’ seeking redress for crimes, real or imagined, committed against them. This victim mentality often rears its head when something goes wrong, and things often do go wrong—due another western concept–that of unlimited freedom.

Ask yourself, “What can I do, in this moment, to bring peace to this situation?”

How I view my reality is solely and completely a result of my upbringing, experiences, and history. The only authentic question is–is the way I am interpreting my reality helping or hurting me? If my interpretation is hurt-filled, I can continue to try to force the world to see it my way, or I can bring peace.

Bliss — the movie

And yet another resource for you. Bliss is a movie that I highly recommend. As you know, we focus a lot of attention on Bodywork In the last 2 years or so, (since the tsunami, which nudged the magnetic poles a bit) I’ve noticed that many clients feel “out of balance.” This feeling is often … Read more