Healing the Mind — Body Split

I’m suggesting that you examine your emotional list, and discover what you’re clinging to.
Emotions, in and of themselves, do not mean anything. Thoughts, in and of themselves, do not mean anything. You are not your thoughts, and you are not your emotions.
Emotions & Thoughts are things you have, not things that you are.
Letting go of clinging is all about detaching from identifying with these internal processes.

The 3rd Chakra and Self Knowing

We do not normally think about the interrelatedness of the stages of our development, because we actually do not remember much of it. Most of us only have fleeting memories of ourselves prior to age 6 or so. What is going on, however, is that parents and tribes are giving the child an ‘ego-self.’ This is done by tribal blessing of socially approved of behaviours, while condemning behaviours the tribes frown upon.

Bliss — the movie

And yet another resource for you. Bliss is a movie that I highly recommend. As you know, we focus a lot of attention on Bodywork In the last 2 years or so, (since the tsunami, which nudged the magnetic poles a bit) I’ve noticed that many clients feel “out of balance.” This feeling is often … Read more