Great articles that get my brain thinking

I just wanted to say thank you for writing such great articles that get my brain thinking.
Today I was having a “not so good morning” and I couldn’t concentrate at my work at hand. As a means of escaping, I began to read some of your back issues from the beginning of January and a revelation appeared.
I was over analyzing the problem from this morning and trying to find ways I could blame someone else for the way I was feeling.
Well after reading your January 8th issue I realized that the way I was feeling was all up to me and my previous actions and the only person who was going to change that was ME!! Your articles have given me so much insight into a part of me, that I knew was there, but was hidden quite deeply. Many times after reading your articles, I find myself at peace with myself and understanding that I need to do to continue feeling that way. (Especially today!!)