The Pathless Path” its a wonderful mirror

I emailed you a couple of weeks ago regarding the incredible timeliness of your weekly blog discussions…I was certainly not disappointed this week!
I have been deconstructing and doing the fear-filled back pedal shuffle for years…this week, I finally decided it was time to really get to work on this and made an appointment with a very powerful Bodyworker who I had mentally “waltzed” with for a long time…fooling myself that “he was too expensive”, “he moved 30 miles away…I want someone closer”…“he’s weird”…etc., etc. In reality, of course, it was all my own doodoo about being terrified to move forward and grow…ohmygod…I might have to change my familiar, sniffy, powerless outlook and become the real unfettered me … knowing full well that I WON’T KNOW WHAT’S AHEAD and what unknown parts of myself I may have to face; also knowing that the biggest leap is the leap of faith and to trust that the future of being truly free will ultimately be better than anything I could ever imagine. Whew. The session, incidentally, was phenomenal, and I am hungry for more…
Life does reflect to us what’s inside of us, and in the case of “The Pathless Path” its a wonderful mirror…You have a marvelous ability of putting into words what the process entails and it lets me know there are others on what seems, at times, to be a very lonely journey.