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Body Embarrassment, part 2

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The outcome of the Bodywork I did with my friend was that she began to release her "hatred" of her stomach. The muscular tension decreased in her stomach area as she allowed herself to make sounds to express both the pain of the tension, and the relief of letting the tension go. Then, she noticed something else.

She was not grounded. Her knees, legs and lower back were almost seized. The pain in her stomach had been her focus – she "missed" the pain lower down.

tight butt

We therefore did more Bodywork, on the muscles of her lower back, her butt (focusing on the sciatic nerve indentation,) her legs and her tailbone.

Pressure is applied deeply, alternating between using the elbow and the thumb, and the elbow is also used to work down the back and sides of the thigh.  Light pressure is also applied to the tailbone.

We're looking to release the stress caught in the body. Yelling, screaming, is not unusual. It is a "letting go." With that letting go, my friend came to the realization that she had been blocking a pile of memories about both her body image and her sexuality. She was doing so by locking the muscles tightly –her legs, abdominal and butt muscles were all seized, in an attempt to keep her pelvis still. We see this, in Bodywork, as the repression of passion, both sexually, and in terms of passion for life.

Working in this area of her body, bringing about emotional release, again and again, session by session, allows her to "simply let go." The emotions begin to dissolve, and with them goes the muscular tension.  The legs become loose and supple, and the pelvis is able to once again move freely.


The tailbone, as we noted in the "Chakra section," is the Root Chakra. This Chakra is all about basic survival needs as well as about groundedness. From a western point of view, the tailbone is close to the location of the terminus of the sciatic nerves. And the sciatic nerves, as they travel to the feet, looks suspiciously like tree roots extending into the soil. Thus the reason we think of this as being "about" groundedness.

Steady pressure and clockwise rubbing of the tailbone, right down to the tip of the tail bone, (the actual Chakra point) produces a warming in the area and the beginning of a greater movement of chi in this area. From a sexual point of view, massage of this area stimulates sexual energy and release. This energy will only flow if the surrounding area is free of stress and tension (letting go of being "tight-assed," so to speak!) so the Bodywork needs to proceed from the larger muscles and end with the tailbone.

In the end, the goal of this segment is freedom of motion and a deep sense of groundedness.

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