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How to do a Chakra Massage

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RELEASING the Chakras

good enoughJust a reminder as to the "Good Enough" point's location. Remember, though, in this exercise, recipient is face UP!

Recipient: lie on your back, and place a pillow under your knees.

Person Giving: Sit on the recipient's right side. Your right hand is going to hold the Root Chakra point throughout this exercise. You might place a rolled up towel under the small of the recipient's back, to ease the pressure on your hand.
Ask the recipient to lift their pelvis up a bit and slide your right hand, palm up, under their butt, and hold the "Good Enough Point," or curve your fingers up and hold the actual Root Chakra point.
Press inward slightly; too much pressure might be painful for the recipient and your hand will begin to ache.

Recipient: your "job" is to breathe into this area, and imagine the colour "bright red." Feel for the Chakra; for its size and texture. Remember that if your partner is NOT holding the actual Root Chakra point, you should imagine the ACTUAL point while your partner holds or lightly rubs the "Good Enough Point."

The vibration or energy you feel in this area is the beginning of Kundalini energy. Your goal is to be aware of the energy in this Chakra.

energy flowroot and belly

Person Giving: Your right hand remains on the Root Chakra throughout this exercise.

Your left hand goes to the Second Chakra. (The lower dan tien.)

Hold these two points and feel for the chi, which will feel like a pulse. As you breathe out, focus on sending energy to your right hand, and visualize the energy flowing up the body to the left hand.

Recipient: As your partner rubs your belly (the 2nd chakra), visualize the colour orange and feel for the tone and texture of the Chakra.

solar plexus

Person Giving: When the pulse feels even, move your left hand to the Third Chakra, at the solar plexus.

Wait for the chi to balance, visualizing the flow of energy moving from your right hand, through the recipient's body to your left hand.

Recipient: imagine energy moving flowing upward from the Root Chakra to the third Chakra, while visualizing the colour bright yellow.

heart chakra

Person Giving: When the pulse feels even, move your left hand to the Fourth Chakra, the heart area.

Wait for the chi to balance.

Recipient: "See" the energy flowing upward and entering this Chakra, turning bright green upon arrival at the heart Chakra.

throat chakra

Person Giving: When the pulse feels even, move your left hand to the Fifth Chakra, at the throat.
Gently "cup" your hand over the throat.
If the recipient's jaw is tight, you also might move your fingers to the jaw hinge, first one side, then the other, then back to the throat.

Wait for the chi to balance.

Recipient: visualize the energy in this Chakra as bright blue. As you "feel" for the chi, wiggle your jaw to loosen it.

third eye

Person Giving: When the pulse feels even, move your left hand to the Sixth Chakra, the third-eye point.

Wait for the chi to balance.

Recipient: imagine the chi flow changing to purple as this spot is massaged.

crown chakra

Person Giving: When the pulse feels even, move your left hand to the Seventh Chakra, the Crown Chakra.
Wait for the chi to balance.

Recipient: Breathe slowly and deeply, while imagining the colour white.
You may sense a subtle movement of chi, up the spine.

Breathe, relax, and notice what you are feeling.

Please Note! This and other exercises are illustrated and demonstrated on video on our great Bodywork CD-R.
Check out the samples.

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