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Reading the Body

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A Practice Session

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Some years ago , I began e-mail correspondence with  a woman who found my site through my connection with The Haven. Our e-mail communication led to a request from her for counselling and Bodywork.

In an e-mail the week before her first session, she suggested sending me a photograph, to facilitate the Bodywork. I thought this was a great idea, and using what I've written about in the first 8 pages of this section, I began to form some impressions about her life story, as captured (literally and figuratively) in the holding patterns of her body. I wrote my observations down, and e-mailed her my assumptions, which turned out to be accurate.

She gave me permission to use this picture on the site, as a teaching tool.

Look at the picture, study her posture, refer back to the pages regarding zones of the body, and see what you see.

Remember! This photo was taken for me, to use as a way to evaluate her body-holding patterns. Her pose and posture are her choice, and therefore speak volumes!

Then, go to the next page, where you'll see the picture again, along with my comments.

Let's see what you've learned!

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