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Reading the Body, part 2

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A Practice Session – Conclusions

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I would suspect that this woman learned early on to defend herself with strong yang energy, at the price of her feminine energy.

She is out of balance and is quite rigidified in her body stance.

Her approach to life has led to issues of relationship, both with herself and others.

I looked at releasing the blocks in her shoulders, jaw, chest, upper back and pelvis, then balancing the energy left to right.

Here is what I noticed:

Head is tipped forward

Headstrong – leading with intelligence, but often using her head to batter through opposition, while maintaining something of a "who, me?, I'm innocent" indirection.

Left side, yin side –

Feminine side – the left side side, at the shoulders, and at the pelvis, is lower than the right. The left leg is stiff, left side pulled back slightly – depleted yin, rigid.

Right side, yang side –

Masculine side – right side high at pelvis and shoulders. Excessive yang energy, meaning the chi is "stuck" in this side – she leads with yang energy and uses yang energy to protect herself. Her masculine energy is expressed more, leading to a to strong yang imbalance, which would be corrected by moving excess chi from right side to left.

Yang is also head energy (again noting the head is forward); the head will not want to let go of control and will fear the power and presence of the yin side. The head will assume that  the ability of yin to yield is a weakness.

Right shoulder –

Her right shoulder is slightly curled in, using strong yang energy to protect her heart from further hurt.

Eyes –

Her eyes are a bit "fearful," yet direct and willing to be present.

Posture –

It's a little hard to tell without a side view, but I'm sensing that her body is leaning forward, perhaps tipped forward at the waist – this is a "full speed ahead" posture, which, as noted above, means were she to run into a wall she would hit with her head first.

Pelvis –

Her pelvis tucked back, which usually has to do with a discomfort with passion. This would be both in the back pelvis, passion for life, and the front pelvis, sexual passion. Medical conditions, navel down?

Tipping the pelvis back is a way to get her genitals out of the equation.

Thighs, Legs –

I would suspect her upper thighs are sore when pressed, (from locking the pelvis back.) I further suspect she'll have a sore lower back, (same reason) and a sore chest and upper back, (sore from rounding over and lifting up on the right, down on the left.)

Hands in pockets – just at the level of protecting her hara (lower dan tien, 2nd chakra) 2" below navel. The 2nd chakra is the seat of Relationships. I would wonder about her comfort level re. relationships. I also get the sense she is trying to self-comfort.

Back to yin / yang –

Right shoulder slightly forward, again strong yang. She knows how to defend herself, but at the price of repressing her intuition, feelings, softness, compassion, etc.

Head cocked to right – making the left ear more available, as her body seeks to free the yin energy. Left lip is also fuller.

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