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Articles for Conscious Living

Living a Conscious and Present Life

In this section are articles on how you might see the world and your place in it from a transpersonal and Zen based focus. You'll read about paying attention, about judgements, and about how to find your centre with humour and grace.

Pathways to Transcendence - Lets look at what may or may not be emerging in the world - a new, dynamic perspective regarding human potential.

Spreading it - an article describing the concept of entitlement by using, of all things, the idea of a manure spreader. Drive along with me as I reflect on how life looks when you simply accept the premise that "shit happens."

Finding a Path, Finding a Guide -This article was part of a series of articles discussing our philosophy. Prior to the Internet and Into the Centre, I wrote a paper newsletter. This article starts with an old article, and expands on it—with real help regarding picking a path, a therapist, and a direction.

The Top 5 ways to Get Your Act together—Just what it sounds like - 5 concepts you must understand and practice in order to have a meaningful and fulfilling life.

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