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Articles On Sensuality, Eroticism and Sexuality

Conscious Sensuality, Eroticism and Sexuality

In this section are articles about how we interact using our sensual and sexual natures. We'll explore touch, Tantra, Chakras, and massage as tools for sexual exploration and awakening.

The Myth of Sex Equalling IntimacyIntimacy, it seems to me, is something that many people are seeking, at least in the abstract. Intimacy, however, is not solely about dialogue nor using the Communication Model. It's not about long walks or shared interests. It's not about raising kids together and contributing to the running of the household. Intimacy may contain all or many of the above, but intimacy is about, first and foremost, vulnerability and trust.

A Look at Bodily Relating - Affection—All healthy relationships have a lot to do with the ability to both accept and freely give affectionate touch. In order to do so, I have to be comfortable with touching for touch's sake. Thus, touch may be a prelude, but it is also and primarily a thing unto itself. It is a way to physically say, "I care about you." That this isn't often the case is perhaps best demonstrated by the way people often ask for affectionate touch. They say, Let's just cuddle," as opposed to "Let's cuddle." We gotta get that "just" in there to be sure nobody gets the "wrong" idea.

A Look at Bodily Relating - Sensuality—Modern life is so "busy" signal wise that we've had to shut down our senses to survive. We have become dulled and jaded by the sheer volume of stimuli, to our detriment. The nice part about it is that turning things back on simply takes an effort of will.

A Look at Bodily Relating - Eroticism & Sexuality, pt. 1—Human development is such that sexual awakening comes before emotional maturity, so sexual turn-ons, arousal, and the fascination with the opposite sex all happen  before one has the ability to take a step back and have a good look at what's happening.

The Uses and Abuses of Sex—For both sexes, a "wash" of sexuality colours and animates the rather infantile picture our child-minds created. We begin to pick up the cues that surround us, as to our desirability, as to the meeting of our own desires. In a sense, our initial forays into dating and mating are driven by romance and lust.

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