Wayne at 23
Wayne at 23, after a hard day in the stu­dio

I start­ed paint­ing back in the 1960s, but real­ly start­ed tak­ing it seri­ous­ly in Art Class­es at good old Elmhurst Col­lege.
That was the first time some­one (my paint­ing prof) asked me, “Can’t you see the colours in the shad­ows?”

Given the amount of recreational substances he and the rest of us were taking back then, I guessed he was tripping.

Then, I began to see it.

Some years passed as I focussed on pho­tog­ra­phy, open­ing a stu­dio in a sub­urb of Chica­go, and focussing on mod­el pho­tos, fig­ure stud­ies, and ad work.

Band pro­mo
Fig­ure study
Ad for bank
Ad for bank

After moving to Canada in ’75, I of course opened a studio, and kept doing photos.

Dance Studio Promo
Dance Stu­dio Pro­mo
mirror image
Cam­paign for Fam­i­ly & Children’s Ser­vices

Time has passed, and that question about colour in the shadows finally made sense in the early “aughts.” It’s become my painting focus since then.

And as always, I’m tak­ing pho­tos and mak­ing paint­ings.


Me, and a wall of paint­ings

On this site, you’ll find pho­tos of our trav­els, fig­ure stud­ies, and por­traits, as well as my paint­ings. Please, enjoy.

Me and my camera
Me and my cam­era